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You can glass fiber use an old tackle box

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Posted on: 02/09/18
You can glass fiber use an old tackle box as a  rainy day  art box, and only take it out when you are stuck indoors. Stock with basic art supplies, papers and old magazines or catalogs that you no longer need. Your kids can create their own works of artor work on cards or decorations for whatever holiday is approaching.

 Give the kids a cooking lesson. Kids love to cook and this is one time that you will be able to keep them in the kitchen without running outside to do something else. They will love getting to eat food that they have helped prepare themselves. Consider baking muffins or bread, or making pizza, and allow each child to  design  their own specialty pizza.

 Get out the board games. Just about everyone has gone to video games and forgotten the old fashioned, hands on way of playing. Its a great way to spend time with your kids that you will both enjoy. Choose a game that you enjoyed playing as a child, and introduce the fun to the next generation.

 Make something. There are lots of crafts available that come on a bolt of fabric. Many require nothing more than sewing and stuffing but you can find a craft kit that is appropriate for your child and then keep it for this type of occasion. Dolls, vests, Christmas tree skirts are all things that you can choose from. Your child can add the details with paint pens, glitter, or glued on sequins or rhinestones and can help with any stuffing!

 If its just mom and the girls, then have a spa day. Help each other fix your hair, do your nails, and put on makeup. Girls of all ages will enjoy a day of luxury.

 Use birdseed, a big pine cone, and some peanut butter to make a treat for the birds. Just smear the peanut butter on the pine cone and then roll it in the bird seed. Tie a string on the end to hang it and you have a treat the birds will love. Work on old newspapers or a plastic trash bag to protect your table.

Part of finding rainy day fun ideas for kids that will be a hit is preparing for them ahead of time. Get what you need for these activities and then store the supplies until you need them and you will be ready!


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